Dutch copywriting & translation | My inspiring customers

You’ll be in good company when you are on my list with clients. 🙂 I love how innovative and enthusiastic they are and get inspired by their ideas and people. See here some of my clients:

The Moonpig Group is leader in their core markets for greetings cards and gifts. In FY22 the group delivered 57 million personalised cards, gifts and flower bouquets in 40m orders. That is pretty amazing isn’t it?

I was hired by the Moonpig group to help out with the launch of the new Greetz website and apps. Greetz joined Moonpig in 2018 and it is one of the Netherlands’ leading online card and gifting businesses. I knew the brand alreadu, because I’ve also sent postcards via Greetz to beloved ones. <3

I helped Moonpig and Greetz by:

  • proofreading translated Dutch UI copy for the Greetz website and apps , taking into account the Greetz brand and its tone of voice
  • communicating with the various teams of engineers and product managers about Dutch copy
  • localizing chatbot messages from English into Dutch
  • writing Dutch copy for marketing mails
  • testing Dutch copy in uat and production environments
  • translating terms and conditions for prize draws
  • and more.

Virtua MC is Spain’s largest international linguistic consultancy specialised in the translation and localization of creative content and technical texts for the communication, marketing and entertainment sectors. I translate creative marketing copy for some of their clients, from Spanish into Dutch and from English into Dutch.

Talentmark helps companies and organisations in life sciences finding the right talent to transform human health. They have been offering their recruitment solutions for the life sciences industry for 50 years now! I’ve helped them by translating their new website and emails from English into Dutch.

NHPR is a specialist public relations consultancy working with clients in business education, executive recruitment and HR & management to develop and deliver brand-building thought leadership and communications programmes. Nicola guided Talentmark while launching their new website and hired me to localize it for the Netherlands.

I’ve also worked with Nicola on a project about windfarm projects. I helped her out by doing research on the impact of wind turbines on our environment. For this, I’ve researched various sources in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan. A great project where I can apply my journalist skills and learn more about a very interesting topic and read articles and reports in various languages.

Persado arms brands and individuals with AI generated language. I optimized short Dutch marketing messages for their clients.

My Magic Story creates personalised books for children. I translated the children’s books Discover the planet and Protect the oceans for them into Dutch. I also helped My Magic Story localising their website and online marketing.

OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service. It provides online reservations for about 54,000 restaurants around the world and seats about 31 million diners per month. I localize their online marketing into Dutch, but also UI copy, release notes, ebooks and more.

Travel search engines Kayak and momondo search hundreds of other travel sites at once to find the information people need for flights, hotels & rental cars. I localize newsletters, blogs, hotel descriptions, customer service emails and more.

Nextory is a subscription service for audiobooks and ebooks. This ebook and audioapp is launched in several European countries, including the Netherlands. I’ve localized Facebook ads and other short copy for their app.

Quill is a leading performance content production platform for ecommerce businesses. They work with some of the world’s biggest brands. I write and localize content into Dutch for their clients.

Vinted is the world’s biggest second-hand fashion app with 25 million registered users in 11 markets. I worked on several Dutch television campaigns for Vinted and made sure the Dutch television scripts sounded conversational and natural.

The list doesn’t end here…

Scroll down to see the rest of the list and to check out my Dutch copywriting & translations projects, storytelling & poetry.

Makesyoulocal helps webshops to succeed abroad. I helped them localize product descriptions into Dutch, customer service info and more content for the Dutch market.

CMondays helps modern businesses of all sizes to define and implement their growth strategies.  I wrote for their client ExceptionAll a tone of voice document, a short mission statement and the website copy. ExceptionAll is a Dutch company that helps long-term healthcare organizations innovating.

Indigoextra is a marketing company that helps successful companies expand in Europe and achieve remarkable results. They offer comprehensive SEO and web design services, also for the Netherlands. I wrote SEO articles for their clients, based on Dutch keywords.

AI company Qordoba (now Writer) invented a content intelligence platform for content quality. I worked for Qordoba on their Dutch grammar rules. Qordoba searched a Dutch copywriter with profound knowledge of Dutch grammar and abble to do a bit of coding and use regex.

Taalhammer created an app to learn languages in an easier way, using their ATOM SR algorithm. I worked as a linguist on Dutch training phrases for this learning app, to help people learn the Dutch language.

Dutch copywriting, translation and storytelling | My various types of projects

Data driven copywriting

Persado arms brands and individuals with AI generated language. In my role as Dutch copywriter I optimised short Dutch marketing messages for their clients.

Data engineer Jordi Lucas wrote How to get excellent football data for free with API football. I’ve edited it the article that was published in GeekCulture. His other articles: How to automate a quick data report with shell scripting (published in SearchGeek) and Starbucks Capstone Challenge:
Offer Analysis and Success Prediction
(published in the StartUp) were also edited by me.

Voice & chatbots

Conversational design is powerful, but there is still a lot to learn in this relatively new field. Although voice user interfaces have gained popularity, in the Netherlands it is still in a pioneering phase. I love that, because there is so much to discover!

I combine my copywriter skills & experience with technology knowledge and my enthusiasm to learn new things, to create or transcreate chat and voice dialogues. So, I’m always happy to participate in projects related to conversational design.

To stay informed and to get inspired, I participate in the Women in Voice Nederland network, the Dutch netwerk of the global Women in Voice. I attend meetings whenever I can and I’ve also translated their statement about Black Lives Matter into Dutch.

Chatbot dialogue localization

For one of my clients I’m localizing chatbot dialogues into Dutch. Employees can use this chatbot to communicate about HR topics. I make sure that all kinds of questions, comments or instructions, but also smalltalk is transcreated into natural language. I’ve also worked on translation chatbot messages into Dutch for Greetz, one of the Netherlands’ leading companies in gift cards.

Writing dialogues for AI assistant

In May 2020 I participated in an event to create an artificial intelligent assistant for remote education for parents, kids and teachers. Our Jop team was one of the challenger winners during this #EUvsVirus hackaton, organized by the European Commission. I helped the team set up chatbot dialogues for Jop, worked on Jop’s tone of voice, the persona and I wrote social media copy.

  • AI Assistant Jop
  • Facebook post Jop

Storytelling and poetry

KIM’s Lifeline: In 2016 I wrote the story line and dialogues for this immersive chat stories app. Using this app the reader could communicate with the main character of the story. Kim’s Lifeline was a collaboration with Sami Apps, a mobile app studio that has gained several international awards for international kids education apps.

Short adventure story written in Python. I’m improving my Python coding skills and I love it! Based on Zed Shaws’ Learn Python the Hard Way, I wrote a short adventure story in Python to practise: Insomnia.

Short poetry on request. DC Contemporary Art Gallery asked me to write some poems dedicated to the town Mariestad in Sweden. biancaymorris was the name I used as a writer. My work was shown in the Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad.

Flash fiction art project Barcelona Hofman with my sister. She took the pictures, I wrote the tiny stories and poetry. Our work was shown during an art gallery weekend in Barcelona and some other events.

Short Dutch poetry. I’ve published the book Als je ergens aan begint maak je het af with more than 70 ultrashort Dutch poems and I post super short poems in my blog and on Instagram @tekstflarden. 

Smartphone photo and video stories. Just for fun, to stay creative. I use my mobile phone to take pictures and create super short photo stories or little video stories, mainly about the streets of Barcelona.